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- Blastersoft Notes 3

Blastersoft Notes 3

This program requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or a more recent Windows OS.

Download version 3.3 - Free of charge!

Download old version 3.2

Download old version 3.1

Download old version 3.0

Download old version 2.2 - For older OS's.

Version history

Version 3.3

Fixed bugs

  • 16 bits desktop support

Version 3.2

Added features

  • Unhide all notes
  • Easter eggs
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Click-through when locked
Fixed bugs
  • Choppy window movement
  • Memory leaks

Version 3.1

Added features

  • Lined paper skin
  • Menu icons
  • Unhide on alarm
  • Always on top on alarm
  • Displays "empty" in sub menus
  • Auto check for updates delay
  • Snap right and bottom sides of notes
  • Settings for note spacing and snap size
  • 'Del' key can also delete the current note (like Ctrl+D), except it always asks for confirmation
  • 'Enter' key edits the current note
Fixed bugs
  • Snap to screen happens after snap to notes
  • Multi-monitor support (for snap to screen and tile notes). Tile notes works per-monitor.
  • Renamed show main window menu item
  • Main window has a better name (for task manager)
  • Correct custom font after load (not only in edit mode)
  • Button bar didn't disappear when pressing Escape to get out of edit mode
  • Invalid color theme when changing skin and previous skin had more color themes
  • Disabled first item in link list
  • Removed bad symbol (tab) in note list

Version 3.0

  • Initial version

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