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- Blastersoft Notes 3


2006-12-29 - Blastersoft Notes 3.3 : Holiday release!
Version 3.3 is another small release to fix a single problem : 16 bits display. People using remote desktop will be happy; no more crash and full support for transparent windows.

2005-09-25 - Blastersoft Notes 3.2 : small release
Version 3.2 is a small release done just for fun. It doesn't add much but people might be happy anyway.

2004-06-10 - Blastersoft Notes 3.1 is released!
This first update to version 3 fixes a few issues and adds some nice improvements. The feature people will like the most is the support for multiple monitors.

Download it now on the left side bar or go see a list of features in the Blastersoft Notes section.

2004-03-29 - Added Transformers collection listing
I made a list of all the Transformers I know with a few stats. It's in a Microsoft Access database and rendered with It's not yet integrated with the web site but all the content is there.

2004-03-16 - Blastersoft Notes 3 is released!!!
Yes, you can now download Blastersoft Notes 3 free of charge! Feel free to contact the author for comments and ideas.

2004-03-05 - New web site!
Blastersoft web site was stripped down to the bare minimum to improve ease of update. This also coincides with the launch of Blastersoft Notes 3.

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